An Introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa and I have an interest in theology. I am starting this blog for two reasons, ┬áthe first being that I find I like to write homilies and I like to share my thoughts on theology. The second is, that I find some of the homilies I’m hearing in church these days are not geared to theology but more geared to the agenda of the priest. While that is certainly his prerogative, I find myself leaving church “empty” of what I need to get me through the week. All are welcome to read and comment on my blog. Please be aware that I am writing from a Roman Catholic perspective; however my views may differ from the Church. I want to make it clear that I do not represent the Church and these are strictly my own reflections on the readings we hear each week. While I do appreciate comments and differing opinions, this is not a place to convert people or attempt to convert. I do enjoy lively discussion and debate and I welcome civil discussion.

I will be writing again in a few days, once I have looked over the readings for the week and had a chance to form my thoughts. I look forward to some great dialogue.